Thure Etzold etzold
Tue Sep 5 13:25:05 EST 1995

pinstall at sga.ulb.ac.be (Patrick Installe) wrote:
>    Hello,
>    I am evaluating the possibility to use SRS (wgetz) for a database
>in a genbank like format.
>    As SRS already has (uses?) a parser ("Odd" currently and "Icarus"
>in the future) for the output, I would like to use the same parser to
>improve the input of data.
>    I must say that I can't find my way. Basically I would like to get

hi patrick,

i don't recommend using the old parser outside of SRS.
we are currently working on icarus ...it is mostly cleaning up code and
do a few last things ....it will probably suitable for what you want to do.
it will probably ~2months until ready for beta-testing and we will announce
it in this newsgroup. Icarus can be used 'outside' of SRS.


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