Frederic Achard fred
Sat Oct 21 12:16:31 EST 1995

> #function /id=%F_SAVEDATEGB /name="BldSaveDateGenbank" 
>           /args="(PRSoST *st, FILo *file)" /module=BUILD

This part is taken from genbank.sdl and I cannot figure out
how it works.
The parser 'locus' extracts the locus and the date from
the LOCUS field:
> locus      = name <wrt> ~0-9~ ~a-zA-Z ~ ~0-9A-Z\-~ <wrt f=@F_SAVEDATEGB> ;

So what is the use (meaning) of /name= and /args= and  /module= ?
I try to mimic it. I srsssection'it but it fails when srsbuild'ing it

I'd appreciate any help Thanx.


I am new to srs ebnf programs so pardon me if the question is dumb.
Can't find any doc in srs to #function.....

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