TRANSFAC format change

Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Fri Oct 20 04:41:53 EST 1995

The format of the TRANSFAC database (file factor.dat) has changed slightly
in release 2.4.

The database cross-reference lines now are:

DR  EMBL: M55619; SCACE2; g.
DR  SwissProt: P21192; ACE2_YEAST.

so the transfac.sdl file had to parse these as:

linkseq    = ('EMBL' ':' accno <wrt c=@TFFACTOR_EMBL_REF>) |
             ('PIR' ':' accno <wrt c=@TFFACTOR_PIR_REF>) |
             ('SWISSPROT' ':' accno <wrt c=@TFFACTOR_SWISSPROT_REF>);

(note: ';' changed to ':' and "-" removed from "SWISS-PROT")

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