nrl_3d rel 20.0

M.P. Hilbers mph at dl.ac.uk
Thu Oct 19 12:05:41 EST 1995

For those who want to index the new release (20) of nrl_3d: Entry 2AYH contains
a species line of 276 characters, which makes srsbuild crash (at least my
srsbuild). You may want to edit the database before indexing. 
I solved it differently by recompiling srsbuild with a new maximum length for
the token string:

I changed in parser.h

#define PRSxXLSYM    132        /* max token string length */
#define PRSxXLSYM    300        /* max token string length */

and rebuild srsbuild. I must admit that I don't know if this changes further
affects SRS, but sofar it seems to work.

Martin HIlbers

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