Retrieving features with SRS : the problem (part 2!)

Rodrigo Lopez rodrigol at bioslave.uio.no
Wed Oct 18 12:41:31 EST 1995

Guy Bottu (gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be) wrote:
: If you use the srscurses or the srstk interface and you do a search in
: the features INVOLVING MULTPLE ITEMS (e.g. select SWISSPROT and put
: in the Features field DOMAIN & CYTOPLASMIC) you get a list of entries,
: but when you try to retrieve an entry, you get an empty page. It is
: however possible to make a link to another databank and, with srscurses,
: you can call the querymanager and a query of the type
: SQ1 > PARENT will retrieve correctly the complete sequences.

: Without doubt, the interfaces make errors in parsing the getz output,
: because the command :
: does yield the features.

: There certainly is need for a next release of the srscurses/srstk
: software. Is it going to come ?

: 	Dr. Guy Bottu

It is indeed sad that this is happening with the present version of
the interface...we are trying to complete excercises during courses
in Trondheim and next week in Oslo...sadly, most of these require 
input of the type described above (ie: leucine & zipper)....and because of
this, SRS is letting us down :-(

Dear Gijs: Is there any chance of getting this fixed (soon!)?


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