Retrieving features with SRS : the problem (part 2!)

Guy Bottu gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be
Wed Oct 11 06:16:44 EST 1995

If you use the srscurses or the srstk interface and you do a search in
the features INVOLVING MULTPLE ITEMS (e.g. select SWISSPROT and put
in the Features field DOMAIN & CYTOPLASMIC) you get a list of entries,
but when you try to retrieve an entry, you get an empty page. It is
however possible to make a link to another databank and, with srscurses,
you can call the querymanager and a query of the type
SQ1 > PARENT will retrieve correctly the complete sequences.

Without doubt, the interfaces make errors in parsing the getz output,
because the command :
does yield the features.

There certainly is need for a next release of the srscurses/srstk
software. Is it going to come ?

	Dr. Guy Bottu

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