Compression or discard?

Thure Etzold etzold at embl-heidelberg.de
Mon Oct 9 14:31:56 EST 1995


>Its getting quite large, and I wouldn't mind having a more paired
>down subset of, in particular the EMBL database (ie, I can discard all
>the author etc information). Is there any way of doing this inside SRS:
>or should I write a perl script that goes through each .dat file and
>simply removes the EMBL lines that I don't need? What does SRS need/not
>need in embl .dat and do I have to change some of the sdl stuff - what
>happens if SRS expects some line which I have removed from the .dat file?

it is safe to delete anything from embl except the ID line. If you have only
SwissProt and EMBL then the link information (as is the default anyway) will
be supplied by SwissProt...but this link utilizes the EMBL accession numbers -
don't delete them! 

The SRS indexing system does not complain about
missing data-fields but 'srscheck' will try to rebuilt missing indices - so you
should outcomment all fields in embl.sdl except the ID field


..almost forgot ...better use the Perl script for removing data-fields!

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