Gurus: SRS coredumps on embl_cc.ids

Thure Etzold Thure.Etzold at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
Thu Nov 30 15:26:24 EST 1995

Michael Schmitz wrote:
> I encountered a strange problem when building index files for the 
> EMBL release: srsbuild coredumps when building the embl_cc.ids 
> At the time of the coredump, the file has the following size:
> > 151484416 Nov 30 13:19 srs/index/embl_cc.ids
> whereas the second-largest file is only 53 Meg in size.
> The error message complains about insufficient memory; this may 
explain the size
> of the partial index file to some extent.

the indexing has not changed a bit since 4.01. The "cc" index is
indeed by far the largest index of EMBL - one way to solve the 
problem would be to simply  disable the indexing of the comment 
field. Another solution could be to improve the parser.

One last suggestion:

have you used 
before indexing? could be that the memory usage is simply 


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