Funny CDS from srs... More comments...

Thure Etzold Thure.Etzold at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
Tue Nov 28 11:14:01 EST 1995

Peter Rice wrote:
> In article <49d9le$k9d at rc1.vub.ac.be> Robert Herzog <rherzog at ulb.ac.be> writes:
> >   There is something going wrong here:
> >   In the record from Genbank, the translation looks correct : a bona fide
> >   peptide of a few hundred amino acids long. But SRS seems to confuse the "W"
> >   and the "*", as each (or most, I did not check everything ;-) W appears
> >   like the translation of a stop codon.

whenever SRSWWW finds a CDS feature it replaces it by "CDS_pept" - the translate function
uses currently only one translation table ...better translations can be found in TREMBL where
the organism line is parsed and the appropriate table selected.

we will fix this in srs5 where parsing is much easier


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