Gurus: SRS coredumps on embl_cc.ids

Michael Schmitz schmitz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Thu Nov 30 07:37:12 EST 1995

Hi SRS Gurus,

I encountered a strange problem when building index files for the current
EMBL release: srsbuild coredumps when building the embl_cc.ids file.

At the time of the coredump, the file has the following size:

> 151484416 Nov 30 13:19 srs/index/embl_cc.ids

whereas the second-largest file is only 53 Meg in size.

The error message complains about insufficient memory; this may explain the size
of the partial index file to some extent. 

Is this memory-hogging behaviour normal?? Or has something changed with the
embl sdl file (I   am using the 4.06 files from our 'production' server for
a experimental installation on our linux box; the index generation is running on
a Dec2000)

Listening for hints ...

	Michael Schmitz
	BioComputing Basel
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// BioComputing, Biozentrum //                               //
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