Jack Leunissen jackl
Wed Nov 29 06:26:47 EST 1995

doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch (Reinhard Doelz) wrote:
>I am not aware that we (EMBnet) or other customers have been informed 
>on the status of the SWISSPROT database. All I have are files dated from 
>March 20, 1995 (8 months ago). I phoned EBI today and got the answer that 
>it should be known by now what reasons have caused to skip one release. 
>Even if this were true (one release overdue then by 1+ months), I would 
>prefer to get an official note from the EBI distribution channel what to 
>expect and how much the delay/volume discrepancy will be compared to 
>MIPS/PIR International. Ist there still a collaboration going on 
>amongst PIR and EMBL? How is the redundancy problem tackled there?

Even then, I could live with that, as long I can *rely* on regular updates,
with a *fixed* format. But what is happening to the cross-reference lines
in SWISS-PROT? Looks like they (at least for EMBL) no longer give accession
number AND ID-code, but accession number and the PID-number, as can be found
in the CDS /note field. E.g. see the entry for CFTR_HUMAN in SWISSPROT:

	DR   EMBL; M28668; HSCFTRM.

and in SWISSNEW:

	DR   EMBL; M28668; G180332; -.

I know its not a big deal, and only matters for linking SRS, but I would have
appreciated that this had been announced somewhere; I might have adapted the
hyperlinks in SRS in time (hence the cross-post to bionet.software.gcg :-).


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