Copying SRS indexes between computers ?

Guy Bottu gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be
Thu Nov 23 06:01:37 EST 1995

We have two computers where SRS is running, a DEC OSF/1 and a slower
DEC ULTRIX. With the increase of the databank sizes the DEC ULTRIX
spends to much time making the indexes. Therefore I tried to ftp
indexes from the OSF/1 machine to the ULTRIX machine. Now, SRS seems
able to use the indexes to perform a search, but when srscheck is run,
it does not see the indexes, and wants to reindex.

A few questions for the SRS gurus : What criteria besides the date of
creation of the index files does srscheck use to decide if an index
must be remade ? Is an index made on one computer fully usable on another ?
And if so, should the ftp be performed in ascii or binary mode ?

	Guy Bottu

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