srstk bug when using tk4.0

Gijs Schaftenaar schaft at caos.kun.nl
Tue Nov 7 05:42:58 EST 1995


When using srstk with tk4.0 and higher, the following problem could occur:
Selecting a query set from the query sets listbox where already one set was
selected would result in two sets to be selected, where the rest of the
program expects just one set to be selected. To correct this change in the
file "srstk.tcl" at line 178:


        if {$oldTK} {
            set selcomm "select from"
        } else {
            set selcomm "selection set"
        bind .query.qhist.fr.list <Button-1> \
                "%W $selcomm \[%W nearest %y\] ;SelField .mbar.fields.menu \$Set
Dbs(\[SelSet .query.qhist.fr.list\])"


        set bcomm \
           {SelField .mbar.fields.menu $SetDbs([SelSet .query.qhist.fr.list])}
        if {$oldTK} {
            bind .query.qhist.fr.list <Button-1> \
             "%W select from \[%W nearest %y\] ; $bcomm"
        } else {
            bind .query.qhist.fr.list <Button-1> \
         "%W selection clear 0 end; %W selection set \[%W nearest %y\] ; $bcomm"


Regards Gijs

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