SRS SDL ODD archive?

Joerg Sprengel sprengel at scan.genetik.uni-koeln.de
Fri Mar 31 10:57:20 EST 1995

Dear SRS maintainers/users/programmers/lovers/...

two weeks ago I have posted a question about a (non)existing SRS sdl/odd
archive; unfortunately with little response.

Anyway I will ask the question again:

--------- more or less cited from the previous posting ----

It seems to me, that with the increasing interest in SRS and more
programmers writing their own sdl definitions, it becomes really
difficult to incorporate new definitions in a "running" installation.
Thure also confirmed that the situation tends to develop in an
"chaotic" direction.  Obviously there are no separately maintained
srs-source-xxx.tar and srs-odd.xxx.tar archives available.

What do you think about the idea to maintain such an archive to
    prevent the diverging of the definition files?

    One could collect all sdl/odd definitions in addition with an
    (SHORT) documentation file and kind of a changelog (author,
    version, like all these nice gnu programs)?  The local
    dependencies, like file paths, which are defined in srsdb.sdl
    could go into a srsdb.new.sdl to prevent the accidental
    overwriting of an existing one. Once in a while one could release
    a complete set of definitions and make them available per ftp and
    W3 (isn't this U6?), and SRS form itself.


Yes I saw Peter Rice's posting about the info collected and provided at

What I'm looking for is a tar'red archive of all (?) ODDs of databases
currently available AND usable 'out of the box'. The local maintainer
should define the local databases and where they can be found 
in srsdb.sdl, a global switch decides whether one would like to index 
just everything, what system one uses VMS/U*ix/PC/MAC (filenames) and
voil`a the systems runs fine. I have had some problems in fetching
sdl Files conflicting with the local sdl's (hypertext.sdl).

Is there any

  -x- Interest in this?
  -x- Need to maintain such an archiv?
  -x- Suggestions?
  -x- Did I missed something? 



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