vt100 interface still necessary

Christoph Gartmann GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE
Sat Mar 25 10:19:38 EST 1995

In <3kov5u$cs8 at comet.EMBL-Heidelberg.DE> Thure writes:

> I am glad to announce that a proposal to the EMBnet to support
> the development of a vt100 interface for srs4 was approved.
> Gijs Schaftenaar at the CAOS/CAMM center in Nijmegen volunteered to 
> do the work and will use a combination of curses and tcl for the 
> implementation. He is confident that both are supported on all 
> platforms (unix, vms) where srs3.1 is currently installed.
> We expect to see a first version in about 2 months and the goal is
> to keep it very similar to the version 3.1 but I would like to encourage
> people to send their thoughts about improving the vt100 
> interface.

Nice to hear. And here are some suggestions:
- in V 3.1 there is a differnce between "forms" and "buffers" in that you
  use a function key or control key to leave the former but you have to
  press "q" to leave the latter. I would like to have the function/control
  keys for both (preferably F10 [I am on VMS ;-) ] ).
- selecting a database during a query: in V3.1 you find a "@" in a field.
  Our users find this a bit cryptic. Why not just highlight the text
  "select database to query" and put the cursor just onto this text and
  press Return to display the databases. Or just display the databases
  before the actual query map. This will ensure that the user is aware
  of the databases currently selected.

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