SRS 4.x and EMBL 42

Rodrigo Lopez rodrigol at ulrik.uio.no
Thu Mar 23 09:52:50 EST 1995


Taking the liberty of posting this message on behalf of the SRS support team 
to all SRS 4.x administrators.

In case you haven't noticed, there is a small problem with the features index 
creation with release 42 of EMBL. The fix is:

1. edit $SRSROOT/src/ids.c
2. search for the line that reads:

    #define IDSxTMPSETSIZE 300000

3. change that line to read:

   #define IDSxTMPSETSIZE 600000

4. remove all objects from your bin directory

5. recompile

6. remove all EMBL 42 indices from your index directory

7. rebuild

On behalf of the SRS support team.


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