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[Just to complete the srs group as there still seem to be logistics problems 
on the Hinxton areal. Peter Rice posted this but it never showed up.]

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[ Author was Peter Rice ]
[ Posted on 21 Mar 1995 20:37:07 GMT ]

A few other sites have discovered the strange new icon on the
Sanger Centre's SRSWWW server.

The SRS world icon with a black hat (in England that is a teacher's hat :-)
takes you to the Sanger Centre SRS Tutorial.

The URL is:


Please try it, and if you can think of some useful examples (either how to
do something useful, or simply asking about a task that seems impossible
at present with SRSWWW), please mail me (pmr at sanger.ac.uk) and I will try
to write a new tutorial example. So far we have examples for the sequence
databases and OMIM.

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