query display in QueryManager

Jeroen Coppieters jecop at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Mar 22 11:29:26 EST 1995

I got a request to change the SRS Query manager form, from one of our users,
and I think I have the solution. To make sure, that I did not overlook
anything important, here's the description. If you see a problem that I did
not see, or a better solution, let me know.


WWW interface to SRS 4.02, Query manager form.
Previous queries are displayed as following example:
Q1 (retrieval) := "[Sequence-AllText:kinase*]&[Sequence-AllText:tyrosin*]"
found 183 entries 
The "..." query string does not contain blanks. WWW clients cannot wrap
strings without blanks. So long queries run out of view and the form
cannot be properly printed to paper.

Solution: add blanks in the query-string or add blanks to on-screen
representation of query-string

I had a look at the code and the most obvious place to add these blanks
is in WwwStringEncode (srswww.c)
The 4 lines marked with /* JC */ were added

char *WwwStringEncode (char *s)
  SmSwapS (s, "&", " & "); /* JC */
  SmSwapS (s, "|", " | "); /* JC */
/* Add blanks before and after > and < signs 
   this is the original
  SmSwapS (s, "<", "&lt;");
  SmSwapS (s, ">", "&gt;");
following is the changed version */
  SmSwapS (s, "<", " &lt; ");
  SmSwapS (s, ">", " &gt; "); /* JC*/
  return s;

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