SRS Database Updates

Peter Rice pmr at unst.sanger.ac.uk
Mon Mar 20 07:13:57 EST 1995

As the SRS network grows, it seems increasingly complicated to keep up
with the new sites and the database updates.

At the Sanger Centre, I now have 14 SRSWWW sites included in the daily
status report, and 74 databases (although a few of these are alternative
names for the same data) spread around these sites.

The status report URL is:


and other SRSWWW sites should have a similar status report although as
discussed on this group earlier a few sites may lose lines if they
have an old copy of the script that writes the report.

You can easily check the status report to see which sites have old releases
of databases.

I considered writing a script to check for other sites with more entries
in a database, but in a few cases (EMNEW, SWISSNEW, ECDCONTIG) the number
of entries can legitimately go down with an update.

An increasing number of sites are also, I see, putting the release numbers
on their SRS indices.

If you don't know what the databases are, you can simply click on the
"?!" at the end of the status report line to get a report, directly from
that site, describing the database and providing access to the SDL file
they used.

More of that in the next posting.

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