SRS Database Descriptions

Peter Rice pmr at unst.sanger.ac.uk
Mon Mar 20 07:18:37 EST 1995

OK, so you can get a status report of the databases out there.

Now, suppose you are intesrested in one of the databases. What do
you do next? How do you find out what it is? Can you install it
locally to get all those new cross-references working?

Well, at the Sanger Centre I have updated the descriptions of all our
databases in the wgetz_text.script file so that, for each database,
there is a decription of the database, access to the SDL file, and a
pointer to where to get the data files.

Just clicking on the "?!" for a database at the Sanger Centre will
give you our full description.

I have put the text up on our FTP server:

URL:	ftp://ftp.sanger.ac.uk/pub/pmr/srs/wgetz_text.script

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