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Our software development team working on the SRS package seeks a 

                     Assistant Programmer 

to help coding the required interprocess communication and network
modules. Our current work deals with issues of server-server coupling
to be achieved with a dedicated version of the HASSLE protocol. This 
project includes tight collaboration with the team of Thure Etzold 
(author of SRS), at EMBL Heidelberg, coordinated by Pat Argos. 

Duties: Network programming, in particular
   - to develop pipe, queue and special protocol features 
   - to help maintain and expand the current SRS package, including 
        local, WWW and development versions in a heterogeneous network
   - to implement the approaches and algorithms defined by the project
        and developed at BioComputing Basel as well in the international

Qualifications: Programming Skills, in particular
   - fluent knowledge of the programming language "C"
   - ability to integrate code in a multi-platform development environment 
        based on UNIX and other operating systems
   - willingness to learn quickly about SRS and HASSLE tools and code 
        structure, in particular the scope and limitations 
   - ability to perform administrative tasks reliably and to work on 
        mission-critical tasks in a team 
   - good knowledge of written and spoken English
   - work experience in an international environment
   - previous exposure to the Internet
   - basic experience with networked information retrieval in Biology 

Suitable for both biologists and informatics areas:
   The position is suitable both for those with computational skills willing
   to learn about the application in Biology and to recent graduates in
   Biology with Internet and C programming experience willing to do a
   sophisticated project in the programming area. Female applicants are
   explicitly encouraged. 

Benefits: Working at a Leading Site
   BioComputing Basel is a recognized site in the area. Working in a non-
   smoking team office on modern Workstations in a open-minded, friendly 
   environment. The position is funded by the Bundesamt for Bildung
   und Wissenschaften (BBW) in a EU-funded BIOMED I framework project "SRS". 
   The position is open immediately and currently limited to June 1, 1996.
   Extension is, depending on qualification and funding continuation, 
   possible. Salary is in the 4600 SFr/month range. Swiss citizenship 
   preferred, Working permit (or equivalent B or C permit) required, can
   be arranged as temporary working permit if required. The ideal candidate
   is based in proximity of Basel (Switzerland, Germany or France).    
   The successful applicant reports to the Scientific Responsible officer 
   and the Programme Coordinator with respect to long-term goal accomplish-

Application to: 
   Reinhard Doelz
   BioComputing Basel
   EMBnet Switzerland
   Biozentrum der Universitaet Basel
   CH 4056 Basel

   Applications, including previous work description, a CV and at least two
   references should be submitted in confidence to the address above and
   should be received no later than 31st of March, 1994. Electronic Mail and
   FAX applications will not be considered. 


<a href=http://www.ch.embnet.org/> 	        
		[1] EMBnet Switzerland </a><p>
<a href=http://www.embl-heidelberg.de/srs/srsc/about.html> 
		[2a] SRS, by Thure Etzold </a><p>
<a href=http://www.embl-heidelberg.de/srs/srsc/status.html> 
		[2b] SRS, status page </a><p>
<a href=http://beta.embnet.unibas.ch/basel/science/info.html> 
		[3] Environment </a><p>

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