vt100 interface still necessary

Peter Rice peterr at bioslave.uio.no
Wed Mar 15 04:38:53 EST 1995

Sorry to post from a strange address, but most news sites I use still have
no postings in this newsgroup. Funny though - I can see things like
bionet.diagnostics. Just no bionet.software.srs. I hope someone is reading
this. Hello Thure. Thure? Are you there Thure?

Guy Bottu (gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be) wrote:
: Recently, there has been a discussion whether the vt100 interface for
: SRS should not be abandonned. An important issue in this debate is that,
: at the present, there are a number of things that you cannot do with the
: WWW interface :
: 	- save all the entries of a set in separate files with one
: 		command (with vt100 you use CopySet)
: 	- obtain a sequence range defined relative to a feature
: 		(e.g. the 10 bases upstream and downstream of
: 		an intron-exon boundary). 

- deleting unwanted entries from a set before saving or linking
  (very useful for set refinement)

- loading a set of entries in FOSN format for further processing

- doing all this on a vt100 terminal

so yes, on behalf of users far away at the Sanger Centre in Cambridge, 
UK, and elsewhere, I would very much like the vt100 interface back.

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