Feedback SRS --> EBI ?

Thure Etzold etzold at bioslave.uio.no
Fri Mar 10 08:59:39 EST 1995

Robert Herzog (rherzog at dec5) wrote:
: I am presently seeing SRS updating its indexes in a window in the corner
: of my screen, and I start dreaming at some mechanism that would allow
: the database people to be aware of the parsing errors discovered by SRS,
: which generally point to minor inconsistencies with the "legal" formats
: of the fields.
: Could some kind of diff file be generated on the fly, Thure ?

if you use the flag "-w" with srsbuild you see all the parse errors
detected, however, the prime goeal of SRS is to extract as many
words as possible for the indexing ...which means thath i usually expand
the syntax to allow for errors (eg, author name without initials) 

We have just finished developing a new parser which extends the old one
quite a bit  ...this will allow us to tolerate syntax errors but at the 
same time all kinds of error messages could be generated


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