New node at IUBio, Indiana

Don Gilbert gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Sun Mar 5 17:14:05 EST 1995

An SRS setup is available at IUBio archive now, on an experimental basis.  
The network link to this site is 
   <A HREF="http://iubio.bio.indiana.edu:81/srs/srsc">
    IUBio Archive, Indiana, USA</A>
I'm quite impressed with the good organization of this 
sequence browsing software.  It will be a bit until it is clear to
me if this is a good replacement for WAIS browsing of databanks, 
but it looks like a very useful addition.

Here are the databanks available under SRS at IUBio.  More later.

Name            Release   Entries   Indexing Date    Library Group

SWISSPROT          30.0     40292     03-Mar-1995         Sequence   
SWISSNEW           31.0      2120     05-Mar-1995         Sequence   
PIR                43.0     75511     05-Mar-1995         Sequence   
GENBANK            87.0    269478     04-Mar-1995         Sequence   
GENBANKNEW       weekly     45970     05-Mar-1995         Sequence 
NRL3D              43.0      4656     05-Mar-1995         Sequence   
PROSITE            12.1      1029     05-Mar-1995       SeqRelated   
PROSITEDOC         12.1       786     05-Mar-1995       SeqRelated   
BLOCKS              8.0       770     05-Mar-1995       SeqRelated   
EPD                  40      1241     05-Mar-1995       SeqRelated   
ENZYME             17.0      3546     05-Mar-1995       SeqRelated   
REBASE              503      2455     05-Mar-1995       SeqRelated   
FLYGENE            9502      7126     05-Mar-1995       SeqRelated   
FLYCLONES          9501     14495     05-Mar-1995       SeqRelated   
FLYREFS            9502     70616     05-Mar-1995       Literature   
SEQANALREF         55.0      2579     05-Mar-1995       Literature   
LIMB                  3       120     05-Mar-1995           Others   

-- Don
-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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