NRSub release 5 availability

Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Jun 29 03:50:06 EST 1995

In article <3ssdmn$sh8 at comet.EMBL-Heidelberg.DE> Thure Etzold <etzold> writes:
>   I am posting this message from Guy Perriere
>   since I think it is of general interest:
>			 NRSub Release 5 (June 1995)
>	Note  for SRS developers: there is a slight modification in the
>	DE  field  of  the  entries.  Indeed,  EMBL  sequences  are now
>	referenced with the accession number AND the mnemonic. So, take
>	care when implementing cross-references between NRSub and EMBL.

The Sanger Centre has installed NRSub 5, and has a modified nrsub.sdl file
which handles the new DE field syntax.

The clues to whether a site has installed NRSub 5 correctly are:

   a. 237 entries in NRSub (they have the new data)
   b. more than 200 links to EMBL (they have modified nrsub.sdl)

  [ Hello Jeroen .... are you there? .... calling EBI .... ]

The URL for our nrsub.sdl is, as usual:


or via any site's status page, such as:


and click on the "!?" for NRSUB at The Sanger Centre, then go down to
the nrsub.sdl link. That is our local copy of the file.

Yet another of the wonders of SRS.

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