NRSub release 5 availability

Thure Etzold etzold
Wed Jun 28 15:22:47 EST 1995

I am posting this message from Guy Perriere
since I think it is of general interest:

                      NRSub Release 5 (June 1995)

     The release 5 of NRSub (the Non-Redundant Bacillus subtilis data
     base)  is  now available at the NIG anonymous FTP (ftp.nig.ac.jp
     or  in  the  directory  /pub/db/nrsub.  It  is also
     possible to access NRSub through World Wide Web at URLs: 


     The distribution includes: 

      - The  NRSub  database under ACNUC and the sources of the query
        program for line mode use (file NRSub.tar.Z). 

      - The  flat  version of NRSub in EMBL format (file NRSub.dat or

      - The binaries of the graphical interface for browsing an ACNUC
        database (files query_win.*.Z). Query_win.SUN file is for Sun
        under    SunOS,  query_win.SOL  is  for  Sun  under  Solaris,
        query_win.RS6000 is for IBM RISC, query_win.ALPHA is for DEC
        Alpha, and query_win.SGI is for Silicon Graphics. 

     NRSub  release  5 contains a total of 237 contigs (62 composite)
     built from the SubtiList database release 7. All these sequences
     are  chromosomal  (plasmidic sequences are removed) and totalize
     1,380,098  bp. This represents approximatively 33% of the entire
     Bacillus  subtilis  chromosome  consisting  of  about 4,165 kbp.
     These  sequences  contain  1197  CDS (444 ORFs), 72 tRNAs and 27
     rRNAs. Also, 453 bibliographic references can be accessed.

     Note  for SRS developers: there is a slight modification in the
     DE  field  of  the  entries.  Indeed,  EMBL  sequences  are now
     referenced with the accession number AND the mnemonic. So, take
     care when implementing cross-references between NRSub and EMBL.

                  Guy Perriere
                  Laboratoire de Biometrie, Genetique et
                  Biologie des Populations, URA CNRS 2055
                  Universite Claude Bernard - Lyon 1
                  43, bd. du 11 Novembre 1918
                  69622 Villeurbanne Cedex

                  Email: perriere at biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr

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