NRSub release 5 availability

Jeroen Coppieters jecop at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Jun 28 18:19:55 EST 1995

Thure Etzold (etzold) wrote:
: I am posting this message from Guy Perriere
: since I think it is of general interest:

:      Note  for SRS developers: there is a slight modification in the
:      DE  field  of  the  entries.  Indeed,  EMBL  sequences  are now
:      referenced with the accession number AND the mnemonic. So, take
:      care when implementing cross-references between NRSub and EMBL.

I rewrote mu nrsub.sdl file (which you can get from the EBI srs server)
as well as the parts in hyperlink.sdl

I haven't had the time to upgrade from SRS 4.04 yet, and I still have 
not found a way to activate the swissprot xref's in hyperlink.sdl
If anyone else wants ro look into it, please do, and let me know the changes
you made to the sdl files

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