the vanishing index mystery

BEN node administration embadmin at ben.vub.ac.be
Tue Jun 20 08:36:09 EST 1995

Thanks Thure, you have helped me on the road !!! I have however found
a simpler solution. The problem seems to be interference between the
/shortname="SEQ" attributes of the objects #srsfield /id=%DF_SEQUENCE
and #srsfield /id=%DF_SEQ. I have of course no idea why this should
be so, it depends on how SRS works.
So, I have replaced :
#srsfield /id=%DF_SEQUENCE /itype=show
          /shortname="SEQ" /name="Sequence" /key=S
in the file srsgeneral.sdl by :
#srsfield /id=%DF_SEQUENCE /itype=show
          /shortname="SQ" /name="Sequence" /key=S
and everything works fine.

	Guy Bottu

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