new Genbank slows srs indexer to crawl

Thure Etzold etzold
Fri Jun 16 04:06:10 EST 1995

pmr at sanger.ac.uk (Peter Rice) wrote:

>Changing the relative index sizes in odd/genbank.sdl may help. Oops. I
>see odd/embl.sdl uses relIndexSize but odd/genbank.sdl uses alloc_factor.
>Does this also work to split the indexing? One for Thure to answer ......

The "alloc_factor" is indeed obsolete and should have been replaced 
by "relIndexSize". These numbers are easy to obtain:

Select the largest *.inx file (only the .inx and not the .ids structure 
of an index has to be kept in memory during indexing). Assign the size in kb
to attribute "maxIndexSizeKb" of object #library.
Then compare the size of all other indices' .inx file to the largest and add
the "relIndexSize" to the data-fields #field definition - this number must
range between 0 and 1. 

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