A newcomer

Srinivasan Jayashree srinivaj
Tue Jul 25 10:02:22 EST 1995

Hi there,

I am pretty new to this software and sequence searchs basically.
However, I would like to take a 17 amino acid sequence that I am
interested in and sieve through the database of protein (and/or peptide
sequences) to look for similar occurrences. 

I tried to see if the SRS will be the right place to look and I sorta got
lost in its manual pages. Nowhere did I see the feature of sequence comparison.
Is this not the right place to look? Am I missing something here? 

Incidentally I tried to use Fasta and blast programs with the SwissProt and PDB
and had very little success. Any suggestions are welcome.
Please write to me rather than fill up band width in this news group. Many
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