SRS 4.x on OpenVMS

Rodrigo Lopez rodrigol at biotek.uio.no
Fri Jul 21 15:40:17 EST 1995

To all who have replied to my query: Thanks a million. We managed to 
succesfully install the software under AXP-OpenVMS 6.1 in Spain this week.
We had all sorts of problems getting the software to unpack correctly, 
but once this was done, the trick (at least for us - and many thanks to 
Scott Rose and Christoph Gartmann  -) was to:

1. In the srsbuild.com file add '/standard=vaxc /noopt' to the compiler flags 
2. Modify the .mms file so that it correctly puts the .obj files in the
   bin instead of the src directory. There is no problem with the srs.olb. 

3. One very handy utility for VMS sites w/o mms is mmk, which is available
   from ftp.spc.edu [.macro32.savesets]mmk.zip (Thanks Christoph!). Link,
   declare a symbol as 'mms' and viola, you have make system support for VMS.

4. It is extremely important to untar the files appropriately under VMS.      
   Everything may seem to compile if you tranferr the files from a UNIX    
   system over ftp with the above instructions but....there is this nasty     
   message.dat file which can make your life a misery!

Again, many thanks to all who helped.


Rodrigo Lopez
The Norwegian EMBnet node
Gaustadalleen 21, 0317 Oslo

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