SRS 4.x on OpenVMS

Michael Schmitz schmitz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Tue Jul 18 06:40:59 EST 1995

Rodrigo Lopez (rodrigol at biotek.uio.no) wrote:

: hei Folks,

: I'm interested in comming in contact with sites that have succesfully 
: installed SRS 4.0x on an OpenVMS box. Anyone out there?

Hi Rodrigo, hi folks,

I am just doing this installation (SRS 4.06, plain distribution) on the 
Basel URZ cluster, VAX and AXP arch. simultaneously. Besides changes to the
sdl files due to the local configuration, I just had to edit makefile.mms
to have the executables depend on SRS.OLB instead of SRS.LIB (who has ever
seen a .LIB file on VMS?), and to link with sys$library:vaxcrtl.olb/lib
(seems Thure forgot the RTL, or the EMBL config links everything with the
C libs). The code compiled with no problems - only a single warning, so
the srsinstall procedure must have figured out the architecture OK.

The local parameters: 
	VAX: VMS 5.5
	AXP: OpenVMS 1.5
	MMS, no make!

The srsbuild procedure is still running (the first attempt crashed with 
malloc complaining about insufficient memory - I am used to have more 
wsquota from my time in Duesseldorf), so I don't know if the result of the
build makes any sense :-)

One question of mine to the masters of the code:
My first attempt crashed in the middle of EMBL indexing - and the second one
continued building the indices that the first had not written yet.
Are the indices written to the time of the crash really complete - or should
they be deleted before another attempt (and what about lock files that
are checked before continuing)?


	Michael Schmitz
	BioComputing, EMBnet Basel

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