tclcurses (FEATURE extraction problem)

Gijs Schaftenaar schaft at caos.kun.nl
Thu Dec 21 06:35:34 EST 1995

gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be (Guy Bottu) writes:

>I had already noted a long time ago that srscurses and srstk fail to
>put the features in separate files when there are several features
>to be extracted from the same entry. Other problem is that srscurses and
>srstk create List Files with the SRS database names instead of the
>logical names defined in the odd files, so that they are unusable
>with GCG (fortunately we have lookup now). Also, srscurses cannot
>handle numeric fields.

>I am afraid that fixing this involves more than changing a few lines
>of code and that our collegues from CAOS/CAM have for the moment
>nobody to work full-time on it...

>	Guy Bottu

I had already replied a long time ago to Guy that this is 'getz' behaviour
and not 'srscurs' behaviour. (several features/database names)
So if you want to complain about that, dont complain to me but to Thure.

Putting in the numeric fields would be a lot of work. Thure and I agreed
that major updates to the software would take new funding.
So until that time you'd better use lookup.

(PS: That is CAOS/CAMM)

Regards, Gijs

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