SRS V4.08 & VMS & EMBL Rel. 44

Christoph Gartmann GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE
Mon Dec 18 10:13:25 EST 1995


finally I decided to move from SRS V3.1 to V4.08 (under VMS) with EMBL Rel. 44.
And now I cannot get SRSBUILD to create the indices for EMBL. After having
processed around 190,000 entries the machine goes into an endless paging
loop :-(

The account under which SRSBUILD was run has all privileges, its paging file
quota is set to the theoretical maximum as well as the system wide parameter.
Only the page file itself is smaller and gets filled up completey (50 MB).
With SRS V3.1 this was no problem. Thus, is there anybody who can provide 
me with some information on correct paramter settings? Do I have to change
something in EMBL.SDL?

Or can I ftp the index files for EMBL Rel. 44 in GCG format from some site?

   Christoph Gartmann

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