tclcurses (FEATURE extraction problem)

Guy Bottu gbottu at ben.vub.ac.be
Tue Dec 12 04:32:05 EST 1995

I had already noted a long time ago that srscurses and srstk fail to
put the features in separate files when there are several features
to be extracted from the same entry. Other problem is that srscurses and
srstk create List Files with the SRS database names instead of the
logical names defined in the odd files, so that they are unusable
with GCG (fortunately we have lookup now). Also, srscurses cannot
handle numeric fields.

I am afraid that fixing this involves more than changing a few lines
of code and that our collegues from CAOS/CAM have for the moment
nobody to work full-time on it...

	Guy Bottu

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