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Mon Dec 4 15:22:26 EST 1995


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Some of you may have noticed that there are a few changes to Swissprot
DR lines and that the link to medline are not working correctly.

The change to the DR line has the effect of NOT getting me from my
swissprot entry to the corresponding embl one since the link reads
(looks after!) and embl-id and not an accession number. The fix to this

file: hyperlink.sdl

#linkcall /id=%FETCH_EMBL
!   /call="<a href=/srs/srsc?[embl-id:%s]>%s</a>"
   /call="<a href=/srs/srsc?[embl-acc:%s]>%s</a>"

Also in hyperlink.sdl the Medline references can be fixed by:

#hyperlink /field=@SWISSPROT_RX_FIELD
!    /parse=swissprot_medline /parser=@INSERTLINK_PARSER
    /parse=lit_ref /parser=@INSERTLINK_PARSER

Have a look at: 


for further details.

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