GCG 8.1 clash with SRS

Thure Etzold etzold
Wed Aug 16 07:09:05 EST 1995

>I see from the System Support manual (pages 43-48) that GCG 8.1 includes
>programs with names "srssection" "odd" "srscheck" "srsupdate" and
>"srsbuild" which are exactly the same as the names SRS 4 uses.

the version of the 'srs' in gcg is 4.05 ...so it is pretty up to date

>What SDL files does it use? For example, does it include prosite ?
>(the System Support manual example seems to only have Swissprot, PIR,
>EMBL and GenBank but could just be a truncated list)

the gcg version supports only sequence databases ...prosite is not provided

>Also, the "LookUp" program (actually a front-end to SRS) has a list of
>libraries in the program manual example. What happens to this at sites
>with other databases, or without some of the listed databases? (for example,
>we do not have genbank or "gb_tags")

i think it should be safe to add more sequence databanks to the gcg 
installation...note that only databanks with gcg sequence format are
accepted! ...if you have another SRS installation on your site than the
safest is to keep that site but, of course, the indices from the gcg srs 
installations can be used. The directory with the indices can be
specified for each databank: attribute "indexDir" of the #libenv record
in the file srsdb.sdl

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