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Download free Freezer Web Access demo

Web Access is designed to fit your lab's existing workflow through its
highly configurable and easy to manage set up and
can mirror the
unique process steps for each individual laboratory.
Freezer Web
Access track all of your research, development and process scale-up data
in a single data storage platform,
provides an organized and time
effective means of keeping inventory and tracking samples on a large
integrates sample storage and data storage on one easy-to-use
format, minimizes confusion and increases overall efficiency.
With a
multifaceted approach, the program allows for inventory to be maintained
based on specific user requirements.

Freezer Web Access is a
user friendly program designed to assist researchers with
establishing an efficient system for storing frozen biological
Freezer Web Access is built in a way that requires no
IT-staff assistance for set up or use.

With Freezer Web Access,
storage of samples is simple and systematic. 
Virtual containers are
created to match the configuration and dimensions of physical storage
Containers/freezers may be easily configured using a
Quick Setup feature, new containers may be added based on the need to
Samples are entered into the program according to
their physical arrangement in freezers. 
A Container Layout feature
provides a visual representation of each container for ease 
identifying occupied spaces versus vacant spaces. 
Entries may be
made in a sample by sample manner or in batches (in cases where there are
numerous identical samples). 
Detailed information pertaining to a
sample is entered at the time of initial entry and may be easily edited
when necessary. 
Freezer Web Access provides a platform whereby
documents can be virtually attached to samples both individually and in

Freezer Web Access provides the ability to track a
sample from its point of origin to its final destination. 
may be moved within the program corresponding with a physical transfer
within or between containers. 
A removal log documents the
destination of a sample, the reason for its shipment/removal outside of
the system, 
and the personnel responsible for the removal. 
Freezer Web Access tracks the lineage of samples, particularly frozen
Daughter cells can be linked to parent cells and such
relationships are clearly represented on a tree. 
Any movement of
samples within the system is accompanied by transfer of information as
detailed descriptions and 
uploaded files remain attached to the
samples as they are moved from one location to another. 
A bar-coding
system also makes it easy to monitor the movements of samples. 
Information can be exported and further distributed as the need arises.

About ATGC Labs:

ATGC Labs provides a
web-based, highly configurable data management systems for small to medium
sized biotechnology companies,
offers a full spectrum of quality
information technology solutions, consulting, software development and
programming of 
commercial bioinformatics systems that are catalysts
to integration efforts resulting in more effective laboratory


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