[Bio-software] Workshop: Modern Drug Target Crystallography & Structure Based Drug Discovery

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Mon May 30 14:20:59 EST 2011

Dear All,

On June 16th-17th MolSoft will be hosting a workshop entitled "Modern 
Drug Target Crystallography and Structure Based Drug Discovery 
<http://www.ruppweb.org/workshops/Molsoft_2011.htm>" in San Diego, CA. 
This is a two day workshop presented by two experts in the field: Dr. 
Bernhard Rupp, crystallography textbook author and president of q.e.d. 
life science discoveries and Prof. Ruben Abagyan, founder of Molsoft LLC 
and Professor of Pharmacology at the UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy and 
Pharmaceutical Sciences in La Jolla, California.


The workshop includes hands-on experiments, demonstrations, and 
lectures. The topics include:

    * protein crystallization demonstrations
    * actual structure determination using anomalous diffraction methods
      and molecular replacement
    * model building and refinement
    * structure analysis and interpretation
    * molecular graphics and communication on the web and PowerPoint
      using ActiveICM <http://www.molsoft.com/activeicm.html>
    * predicting drug binding pockets and interaction sites
    * in-silico ligand docking and virtual library screening

The workshop is suitable for executives, scientists, and technicians in  
the field of biological sciences and drug discovery, who wish to expand 
their knowledge in the rapidly advancing field of high throughput drug 
target crystallography and /in silico/ drug discovery methods.


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