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Andrew Orry via bio-soft%40net.bio.net (by andy from molsoft.com)
Fri May 6 19:13:15 EST 2011

Dear All,

MolSoft is excited to announce the release of an iPhone and iPad app 
that lets you browse protein, DNA, and drug molecules in 3D. The app has 
a direct link to the Protein Data Bank (PDB) and DrugBank and has a fast 
and easy to use interface. Touching the molecules via the screen allows 
you to interact immediately with the 3D structures in a unique way. You 
can zoom in and out, rotate, spin, pan, and clip the 3D molecules with 
your finger tips in ways that are impossible using a traditional mouse 
and desktop computer.

For more details and screenshots see: http://www.molsoft.com/iMolview.html

The key features are:

    * Easy to use touch interface.
    * A direct link to the Protein Data Bank (PDB) and DrugBank.
    * Each molecular view can be customized with a rich set of molecular
      representations including: wires, balls-and-sticks, space filling,
      ribbon diagrams, and molecular surfaces.
    * Zoom in and out, rotate, spin, pan, and clip the 3D molecule.
    * A wide selection of coloring schemes is available.
    * Color background, color molecule by atom type, chain, N- to C-
      terminal, and secondary structure.
    * Select residues, atoms, or chains and color or change their
      representations individually.
    * Select residues in sequence and get the corresponding selection in 3D.
    * Select the whole chain by holding the corresponding tab.
    * Display fog effect.
    * Set 'inertia' to the maximum and let your molecule spin in 3D
    * Display residue and site labels for the whole object or selection.
    * Direct link to PubMed.
    * Read in your own MolSoft ICM *.icb files.

We hope you enjoy using the app and find it useful for your research and 
teaching. We welcome any feedback you may have.


Andrew Orry Ph.D.
MolSoft LLC
Senior Research Scientist
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San Diego
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