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For each of the more than 5000 mammal species, the add-on puts  in
listing software the English common name, the scientific name, the
English common and scientific names of its family and order, and a  very
detailed specification of the range. It was prepared  from authoritative
sources by Dr. Andrew Duff and Ms. Ann Lawson in a multi-year project
which also led to their favorably reviewed book Mammals of the  World
(2004: London: A. & C.Black). The Mammal Data Add-On is updated
from time to time by Duff and Lawson.

Our listing software, BirdBase  and BirdArea, has been widely used with
birds for years. With the add-on, it records a sighting of any  mammal at
any place for any date and include a lengthy sighting note if desired.  The
records automatically update the user's annual and life lists for all  
(county, state/province, region defined by name or by latitude and  
nation, world). These lists can give complete information for  every 
or for only each mammal's first sighting, or just name the  mammals seen.
Furthermore, the software can list in detail the range of  every mammal and
can produce lists of the mammals of all major world  areas (all US states,
Canadian provinces, and nations, plus most major  islands or island groups).
Mammals endemic to an area are labeled on the  area's check list. And each
mammal is labeled to show if the user has seen it  within the area, outside
the area, or both.

For more information, and an on-screen  demonstration of the listing 
visit our web site.

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