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Mon Oct 11 18:35:11 EST 2010

    *New Free Molecular Graphics and Presentation Software: Create and
    Display Fully-Interactive 3D Molecular Documents in PowerPoint, on
    the web, and in a standalone multiplatform browser.*

MolSoft <http://www.molsoft.com/> is excited to announce the release of 
a new *free* version of ICM-Browser 
<http://www.molsoft.com/icm_browser.html> and the ActiveICM 
<http://www.molsoft.com/activeicm.html> plugin. ICM-Browser contains 
enhancements which allow you to *create and** save **fully-interactive 
3D molecular documents* to display in *PowerPoint and the Web* (see some 
screenshots <http://www.molsoft.com/icm-browser-screenshots.html>). 
These new features make it easy to communicate chemical and protein 
structures clearly and effectively. The ICM-Browser technology is 
already being used by PLoS ONE 
PLoS Biology, and Molecular & Cellular Proteomics journals for 
publishing, and pharmaceutical companies and academic labs use it for 
data sharing and high-quality molecular graphics. The SGC have been key 
in guiding MolSoft's development of this software and they use 
ICM-Browser technology to present their data 
<http://www.thesgc.org/structures/index.php?isee_checkbox=yes&terms=> to 
the public. The software runs on *Linux, Mac, and Windows*.

    *The new features include:*

    * Build and save fully-annotated and interactive 3D molecules and
      display them in Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
    * Display fully interactive molecules in Windows PowerPoint.
    * Display ligand pocket surfaces colored by binding property.
    * Add and optimize hydrogens to a PDB structure.
    * Calculate and display hydrogen bonds.
    * Generate and display molecule surfaces.
    * Display transparent surfaces.
    * Save publication quality molecular graphics files in a variety of
      image formats.

    *It is easy to get started:*

   1. Click here <http://www.molsoft.com/getbrowser.cgi> to download the
      ICM-Browser software and click here
      to download the ActiveICM plugin.
   2. Follow the documentation and videos here:

a. ICM-Browser User Guide 
<http://www.molsoft.com/gui/ICM-Browser-How-To.html> for instructions on 
all the graphics features.

b. ActiveICM User Guide 
<http://www.molsoft.com/gui/how-to-activeicm.html> for instructions on 
how to display in PowerPoint and Web Browsers.

    *Free Online Webinars:*

Please join us at one of our free webinars which demonstrate the new 
features in ICM-Browser. Please register here. 

    *All the features in the previous version of ICM-Browser remain

    * Powerful PDB search and download options.
    * Full links to UniProt and PFam
    * Label residues, atoms, and variables.
    * 2D and 3D annotation.
    * Measure and display distances and angles.
    * Protein superposition.
    * View and make high resolution images of alignments.

    Any Questions?

Contact Andrew Orry Ph.D. (andy<at>molsoft.com) 858-625-2000 x108

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