[Bio-software] Protein Structure and Drug Design Workshop - MolSoft February 5-6 2009

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**We still have some places available at out MolSoft ICM Workshop: 
"Protein Structure and Drug Discovery" February 5th to 6th 2009 La 
Jolla, CA.**

Please see the following invitation to attend MolSoft's 
(www.molsoft.com) Protein Structure and Drug Design Workshop on February
5th to 6th 2009 in  La Jolla, California USA. For more information and a 
registration form visit www.molsoft.com/training.html.

Our workshops are suitable for chemists and biologists who would like to
learn more about computational drug discovery and bioinformatics. No
prior knowledge in this field is required to participate. The workshop
is presented by Prof. Ruben Abagyan (The Scripps Research Institute) and
Dr. Maxim Totrov (MolSoft).

The workshops will consist of lectures, demonstrations, and "hands-on"
computational experiments and will cover the following topics:

- Sequence and Protein Structure Analysis
- Protein Modeling and Simulations
- Structure Validation and Optimization
- Ligand Binding Site Prediction
- Small Molecule Docking and Virtual Ligand Screening
- Structure-based development of target-specific compound libraries
- Cheminformatics, Chemical Clustering, Searching, Superposition etc...
- QSAR, Machine Learning
- Protein-Protein Docking

We will demonstrate and train you in the use of many of our new
developments in computational chemistry and biology including:

- 3D Ligand Editor - design and optimize ligands interactively
- Markush Library Docking
- Multiple Receptor Docking (A method to incorporate receptor flexibility)
- Automated model building into electron density
- Atomic property field chemical superposition
- Fast machine learning tools for QSAR
- Pharmacophore drawing and searching
- Compound library enumeration tools
- Screen-grabbing molecular movie making

"The objective of this training workshop is to help chemists and
biologists solve challenging problems in the area of drug discovery by
efficient use of the science and technology present in ICM molecular
modeling tools." Prof. Ruben Abagyan (The Scripps Research Institute and
Co-Founder of Molsoft LLC)

Please see our website at www.molsoft.com for more details or E mail
andy from molsoft.com or call (858) 625 2000 ext.108.

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MolSoft is a La Jolla based company that is a primary source of new
breakthrough technologies in computational chemistry and biology.
Molsoft is committed to solving intellectually challenging problems in
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