[Bio-software] Re: Make Akta Prime Software work under Linux!?

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Fri Jan 2 12:45:29 EST 2009

On Jan 1, 7:33 am, WS <novalidaddr... from nurfuerspam.de> wrote:

> Dear Colleagues,
> I am about to make the Äkta Prime package run with Opensuse Linux 11.1
> (WINE 1.1.9, Kernel I already successfully have
> set up the Prime software to acquire data from the machine (for
> monitoring runs, "Csyscon.exe prime"). However, I have serious
> problems doing the same with the Evaluation software ("Emain.exe
> prime") that is used to analyze the data. Currently, I am figthing
> with DLLs (MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL in detail) as I get error messages
> pointing to unresolved functions, the app crashed after loading any
> data set. I already have tried all versions of these DLLs I could get
> hold of, but no success yet.

I don't use Akta Prime (or Wine), but in general I have three

a) Have you tried Codeweavers Crossover-Linux?  It is based on Wine,
but is compatible with more Windows applications than Wine is.

b) I use VMWare - haven't found a single application that doesn't work
with it yet.  But then again, they're running in a Windows XP guest
session running on Linux.

c) You could try Bochs.  It is a little slower than VMWare -
differences in virtualization routines, but Bochs is free <http://


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