[Bio-software] Predictive ADMET Workshop: Application of Predictive ADME and Toxicology methods to drug discovery and development, Oxford July 27-31, 2009

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I am posting information on a 5 day workshop taking place at Oxford
University in July 2009.

27-31 July, 2009
Predictive ADMET Workshop: Application of Predictive ADME and
Toxicology methods to drug discovery and development, a Hands-on 5 Day
eCheminfo Workshop. Case Study Approach on ADME and Tox endpoints and

Medical Sciences Teaching Centre,
Oxford University, Oxford, UK
Bursarys award available (deadline February 20, 2009)
facilitated by Barry Hardy
eCheminfo Community of Practice

These workshops are aimed to provide a set of stimulating workshops
using latest advanced in silico techniques of relevance to chemists,
life scientists, clinical researchers, toxicologists and modellers
working in drug discovery and development. Participants should return
to their labs with new ideas, best practices and software experiences
to maximise productivity in their own drug discovery and development
research activities.

Workshop groups will study problems with hands-on examples using
leading-edge software and discuss complex issues highlighted by
examples and case studies presented by instructors. A case study set
will be used to link all workshop activities through the week.

Workshop Instructors
Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect), Ismael Zamora (Pompeu Fabra University
and Lead Molecular Design), Christoph Helma (in silico toxicology),
David Leahy (University of Newcastle), Philip Judson (Lhasa), Anton
Hopfinger (University of New Mexico), Mark Cronin (Liverpool John
Moores University), Olga Obrezanova (BioFocus DPI), Glen Myatt
(Leadscope), Judith Madden (Liverpool John Moores University), Arianna
Bassan (S-IN)

Software packages and an IT classroom will be used by instructors and
participants to work through Predictive ADME and Toxicology problems.
Participants may propose problems and issues to the faculty ahead of
the workshop. Participants will also have ample opportunity to discuss
their perspectives and criticisms of the methods studied and should
take-away key nuggets of understanding from these intensive sessions.

A related workshop will run the week before
20-24 July, 2009
Drug Discovery Design Methods & Applications:  Virtual screening,
structure-based drug design, cheminformatics and molecular modelling
supporting drug discovery and design, a Hands-on 5 Day eCheminfo
Workshop. Case Study approach including Kinases.

For further information and questions on the Workshop programs, please
contact Dr. Barry Hardy at: barry.hardy -[at]- douglasconnect.com,
Tel:  +41 61 851 0170
For registrations, please contact Nicki Douglas, nicki.douglas -[at]-
douglasconnect.com, Tel:  +41 61 851 0461

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