[Bio-software] Multiple hits in blast reports

Maurizio A. Strangio via bio-soft%40net.bio.net (by md5sum from libero.it)
Thu Sep 25 15:58:46 EST 2008

Recently I used NCBI blastp with an AA sequence; the resulting report contained multiple hits in the description field separated by ">" with  those hits clearly shown in the alignments section:

>gi|1... <description>     
gi|2...  <description>
gi|3...  <description>

followed by alignments involving the query sequence and the HSPs related only with the first hit (gi|1...).
What are gi|2, gi|3? 
I thought they were hits with the same evalue and score of the first hit  gi|1. However, it doesn't seem so since looking at the hit list you can find hits with the same evalue and score appearing on different lines.   
Thanks for any help.
Maurizio Strangio

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