[Bio-software] E-CAI: web server to estimate an expected value of CodonAdaptation Index (eCAI)

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Thu Jan 31 03:07:16 EST 2008

The E-CAI server is a web-application and an
executable program that calculates the expected value of the Codon Adaptation
Index (CAI) for a set of query sequences by generating random sequences with
similar G+C content and amino acid composition to the input. This expected CAI
therefore provides a direct threshold value for discerning whether the
differences in the CAI value are statistically significant and arise from the
codon preferences or whether they are merely artifacts that arise from internal
biases in the G+C composition and/or amino acid composition of the query

E-CAI is freely accessible at

For more details see the article Puigbo P,
Bravo IG and Garcia-Vallvé S. E-CAI: a novel server to estimate an expected
value of Codon Adaptation Index (eCAI). BMC Bioinformatics 2008, 9:65

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