[Bio-software] Pulsar/Cluster software available

Gail Silver via bio-soft%40net.bio.net (by gasilver from nmsu.edu)
Thu Jan 10 11:37:02 EST 2008

Dr. Lazarus,


I am very interested in the PULSAR program you spoke about on the website.
Can you give me any information about it or can I download it from you?

"I have a package available to perform endocrine pulse analysis. Both
and Wachter's PULSAR and Veldhuis' Cluster algorithms can be run over the
data sets.
Compared to the only other implementations of these algorithms I have seen,
software is slick and very fast. It is available as beta test software and
be distributed as shareware eventually.
Please email me if you are doing any quantities of PULSAR or Cluster
and if you are interested in beta testing.
Also available is some simulation software for generating endocrine blood
from user supplied parameters. A two compartment decay model is included and
novel method of simulating the secretory burst waveform is included so you
have a range of skewed variations on a gaussian burst shape...."


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