[Bio-software] Re: Grouping of proteins by function/category

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On Jan 9, 4:22 am, "ha... from uow.edu.au" <ha... from uow.edu.au> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a rather long list of proteins (about 230) that I want to group
> based on the function of each protein, such as structural,
> cytoplasmic, growth factor, that kind of thing. I'm after general
> groupings for the proteins. Does anyone know of a database that has
> this kind of info that I can submit my AC codes in a batch and have
> the result spat out the other end?
> I know there are various databases that will have this kind of info,
> but is there an easier way than looking each protein up individually?
> Thanks,
> Peter


it depends on how fine-grained output you need. As long as you stay
within gene ontology terms  try G:profiler

Darek Kedra

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