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Glenn.Odell from cwine.com via bio-soft%40net.bio.net (by Glenn.Odell from cwine.com)
Mon Aug 4 18:58:09 EST 2008

Dear Sir,

I have recently started using MedLabQC for internal QC of analyses within 
our winery analytical labs. It is very intuitive, flexible and powerful 
and beats the heck out of coming up with something myself. Getting it for 
free is almost embarrassing.

My organization has several labs and would like to compare, consolidate 
and report the data between the labs. Is there a version of this software 
designed to do that? I would certainly be willing to consider justifying a 
reasonable cost for an enterprise version of the software 

Glenn O'Dell
Director, Group Quality Improvement
Constellation Wines, US
(209)365-8024 (office)
(209) 471-2802 (cell)
glenn.odell from cwine.com

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